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Welcome to Our Home Buyer Center!

If you are looking to buy a home, you’ve come to the right place!

Before we begin...

The usual first step is to schedule a telephone call or face-to-face meeting so that we can get an understanding of your goals and objectives.

We will then follow up with our custom spreadsheet detailing multiple loan options as well as qualification information.

From there we will start the preapproval or fully approved loan process to get you positioned for a successful offer.

However, if you would like to speed up the process, you can proceed to Step 1 now.

Step 1: Complete Application

A completed application will give us the information we need get started.  The interactive application can be completed online or on your mobile device. When you click on the application link, you will select "Buy a Home or Refinance" and then start entering the information. You can start and stop the application as needed but do not walk away from your computer for more than a few minutes without saving your work as it will not be saved.


Please be sure to complete the entire application and follow directions carefully. Also, please be sure to read through all the following Steps to eliminate surprises and provide for the smoothest loan experience possible. The mortgage business has become highly regulated and detail oriented so its best to be informed and prepared.

Step 2: Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval vs. Fully Underwritten Loan

Where a pre-qualification letter is a ball-park estimate of what you can qualify for based on the information you verbally provide to us, a pre-approval is a written letter from us which we base on the official information and documentation you have provided in your loan application. This is usually the minimum required to write a successful offer to purchase a home. We are very thorough in this process and do not issue pre-approval letters unless we are extremely confident we can deliver a full approval.  As such, a pre-approval letter from us is a very valuable asset in presenting a strong offer. However, an even stronger offer is possible when we provide a fully underwritten loan approval. This requires more work but allows you to make an offer without a financing/loan contingency and potentially allows you to close faster - which is attractive to most sellers.

You may send these to your contact person at Equitable Mortgage Group via their Secure Transfer link on their email signature or via the mobile or desktop app you used to apply.

Step 3: When my offer is accepted

Congratulations!  Your offer has been accepted! Here’s what happens immediately after you are “in contract” to buy a home.

Our first task is to prepare your loan for submission.  We will send you initial disclosures for your signature. These are rough drafts and will be corrected and/or updated throughout the process -  they are non-binding and should be signed first and we will make any corrections along the way. You can expect to sign multiple sets of electronic disclosures, LE's (Loan Estimates) and CD's (Closing Disclosures).

You will also need to provide us updated financial information throughout the loan process.

Step 4: Loan Submission & Conditions

Now it’s time for submission of your loan to the lender for approval. They will respond with a list of “conditions” you need to fulfill as you continue on your path towards approval.  These requests for “conditions” will continue throughout the loan process until the lender is satisfied that you meet all of their guidelines and government rules.


Also, we work with many different investors (lenders) and some of them are credit unions. In the event your loan is with one of our credit unions, you will need to join the credit union and there may be a small application fee and/or annual fee to be a member.

Step 5: Prepare for Closing

Your loan has been submitted and approved, most conditions have been met, and your closing date is near!

A few days before closing, final official loan documents will be drawn and sent to the Title Company and potentially Snapdocs/DocuSign for your wet and electronic signatures - and then back to the lender for funding. At this time you will wire your closing funds to the Title Company or have a cashier's check prepared - personal checks are not allowed. If you are using an equity line of credit from another property for your cash to close, be sure to have it in a position to wire on-time. Once the lender reviews the final loan documents, they will fund your loan, ask you for remaining items and you will go on record with the County. Once this happens, the keys to your new home are yours!

In order to be better prepared, read our handout on how to avoid common pitfalls at closing.

Step 6: Post Closing

Let the mortgage begin! Where do you send your first payment? The closing documents you signed with the Title Rep or Mobile Notary will have a First Payment Letter with instructions on where to send your first payment. The first payment date is also on your Note.

Your loan may be sold to a large bank or other reputable institution and potentially sold a few times. This is normal in the mortgage industry. What that means is that the payee on your mortgage check may change once or more throughout the life of the loan. Rest assured, you will receive a bill every month.

A number of months after you move into your new home, you will also likely receive a supplemental tax bill from the county. The reason for this is that the county has reassessed your property based on its new purchase value which means that you will owe supplemental property taxes based on that value. You must pay this bill to avoid penalties. If you have an impound account, contact your lender to coordinate payment of the supplemental tax bill.

As always, we are here to answer all of your questions and help you with any challenges that may arise. All of our contact information can be found under the Contact Us page on our website.

Finally, please remember that we are also refinance experts, so be sure to come back to us when it’s time to reevaluate your loan based on changing needs. And as always, if you have a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor who is looking to buy or refinance their mortgages, we would love to help!